comfortably numb

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Sat on my onesie drinking wine, fucking great✋ fucked if I know what to do now

Shit I just think what am I doing now..

Anonymous said: you was the only one that knew me, and the only one that understood. I have to do this anonymously because writing this for me is so challenging and extremely unexpected. I'm lonely now and isolated again, I'd love to be able to have one of our old chats where you'd fill me with wisdom and advice. You're a true gentleman now and I am so dearly proud of you. x


Anonymous said: It's so crazy how much things have changes between us now! So glad you're happy and I know I am happy too! I miss you though but not us together you being my best friend!


Anonymous said: When was the last time you were in love??


Anonymous said: I miss you, you probably never think about me or remember the times we had but we are both happy now but I still miss you! That future we both hoped I hope you get

it would really help if i knew who this was?

"It’s about the way we grew up as opposed to where we are now. Weren’t no gold chains, money in the bank or nice clothes back then, looking up is easy but going up is a challenge. It is what it is"

the first christmas without my parents

is soooo shit its indescribable just constantly alone in this shit flat i had to move in to aha fuck off